Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clinique vs Clarins, which one is better?

Can anyone tell me which brand is better for skin care products (cleanser,moisturizer, etc), i have used clinique before and I liked it, but I have heard good things about clarins too, so I just want to if anyone has used both and which is better, also if they are any other brands that are good, please let me know.

|||I've been using Clarins since I was a teenager %26amp; my skin is in great condition in comparison to other people my age (or so I've been told!). I am a "outdoors" person which puts extra strain on the skin, but the Clarins products keep my skin protected!

One nice thing is that Clarins gives out great samples so that you can try it before buying anything!

BTW- their products are all natural extracts and they do NOT animal test!!!! Clinique DOES test on animals.

Another, more expensive product line is Sommes...

Hope this helps!

Mich (:|||i'm an estee person..its not for elder ppl only... they hav an awesum pore minimizer 'idealist' that i use everyday nd the product is perfect in everyway. love their day wear, nite wear, eye creme, foundation.. |||clinique didnt really work for me

but i havent used clarins

so maybe just ask them for some travel size ones to try out =)|||Clinique|||Clinique!|||clinique always|||I think clinique is the best

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